First of all, this course is absolutely great for everyone, who just started to learn finance. You will be able to learn about time value of money, project and investment idea evaluation, bonds, stocks and risk and return.

From my experience with Coursera, this is the best course from all I've taken from the point of content and structure.Material is given in 2 weeks chunks and there is an assignment in the end of 3 weeks. Assignments are designed to enhance learning and use real-world problems, great deal of them is solved using EXCEL formulas. For example, if you want to retire in 30 years, how much you need to contribute to your savings account every month to have 200.000 when you're 60 and taking into account expenses on your children's wedding when you're 50. Or you want to take an MBA, MBA will cost you 20.000 USD first year, 22.000 USD the second year. your salary X USD after MBA will increase 10%. Is it worth the investment?

Solutions to assignments are not given (just the hints, if you get the question wrong) and it makes the whole process of learning a lot harder, but somehow it helps to understand material better. It's not easy and on discussion forum there were a lot of conversations going on regarding the assignments,people were sharing their solutions, asking for advice or to pinpoint a mistake in calculations or just sharing how desperate they are after not getting correct answer from the second attempt).

To sum up, this course is definitely worth taking, especially, if you want to take more advanced finance courses afterwards and you need the base to understand the material.